How to change your dog's reactivity and barking into calm and quiet

at home, on your walk, in the car, at the vet, and more!

Reactive to Relaxed Pup Membership

The only place to get real expert help with your dog's excessive barking, reactivity and anxiety so you can get your life back, without spending thousands of dollars or hours of your time.

Does any of this strike a nerve?

Does your dog bark at


You can't go the vet or groomer without your dog barking the entire car ride AND at the other dogs and people when you get there.

Are you embarrassed by your dog's barking?

You are not alone! Living with a dog who barks incessantly is not only embarrassing, but it is exhausting, overwhelming and soul sucking.

Do you have to make special arrangements for your pup when you want to go on vacation?

Or can you even go on vacation? Dogs who are reactive or sensitive to lots of things can't go to many places, like, boarding facilities, group classes or even be with a pet sitter.

Have guests and family stopped visiting because of your dog's barking?

Many people who live with dog's that bark at anyone and everything have family members who either refuse to visit or make comments like "Can't you shut that dog up?" Or "Why don't you just put the dog in another room?"

… If so, then keep reading, because I’ve got a secret for you.

The Problem is...

Most people think it's because their dog just doesn't listen

BUT - they fail to recognize WHY the dog is behaving badly (psst! there is more than one reason AND solution)

Like me, most people may be thinking...

  • I've tried other trainers but my dog is still reacting, barking, lunging, cowering.

  • I've tried punishing my dog for barking or reacting but that only helps in the moment and sometimes it actually makes things worse.

  • All the suggestions on the internet like rolled up newspaper, squirt bottles, cans with rocks or pennies, or even bark collars only work temporarily AND only if I am close enough to use them.

But it's not your fault.

You were simply following advice that seemingly worked for other people.

But did it really?

Did their dog become the calm quiet dog you want yours to be?

And if it works so well,why isn't it working for you?

Imagine Your Life Looking Totally Different

Imagine having your life back...

  • No more barking at everything, your house will be quiet

  • Your dog will stop barking on their own and/or on cue from you

  • You'll have visitors again and be proud to share your dog with them

  • Trips to the vet, groomer or anywhere for that matter will be stress-free and quiet

  • You will have peace of mind and get your life back

Reactive to Relaxed Pup Membership was designed to help YOU get your life back!

Get Instant Access to the Full Program and All the Bonuses Today for Just $97/month

($7,491 Total Value)

Here's Exactly What You'll Get Inside Reactive to Relaxed Pup:

Real-time Expert Help

Weekly LIVE Q & A Calls with 2 expert canine behavior consultants. Opportunities to get your questions answered right then and there. Advice from 2 trainers that have and still do live with dogs just like yours.

$1,997 Value

Proven Tools & Strategies

Tools and strategies that we know work. Because we have personally used them ourselves with our own dogs, foster dogs, client dogs and shelter dogs.

$2,997 Value


A community of other people living with dogs just like yours and going through the same struggles you are. Community messaging available 24/7 and checked twice daily during working hours.

$997 Value

Guest Experts

Monthly guest experts on topics related to reactivity, excessive barking and other problems you and your anxious dog suffer.

$1,500 Value

PLUS These Amazing Bonuses:

$361 Value

On-Demand Course


to Well-Mannered

The Perfect Online Program For Pet Parents Struggling With Dog Training Challenges Because Training Your Dog Is More Than Just Teaching Them 'SIT' and 'DOWN' You're In The Right Place To Get Unstuck And Find the Support You Have Been Searching For

$197 Value

Stop Barking Blueprint

Silence the Yappy Hour

2 Steps to STOP Unwanted Barking

3 Strategies for Bark Free walks

Management Techniques for Quick Results

$97 Value

On-Demand Mini Course

Chaos to Calm

One Hour Video Introducing the PAWER Principles. The best way to get to know your dog so you can change their behavior to what you want.

$67 Value

What Our Current Members are Saying...

"The positive interrupter makes so much sense! We've got to get their attention."

Deb, Hannah & Rachel

Owned by Charlotte & Elle

"We never realized our dogs were barking because they were afraid. We thought they were just protecting us."

Amy & Dirk

Owned by Sandi & Bernie

You'll know this membership is for YOU if...

  • Your dog barks at every sound outside your house that they can’t see (neighbors talking, or someone building, delivery vehicles), out in your yard at squirrels, birds etc., the person at your front door, whatever passes your front window.

  • Your visitors have either stopped coming over or they make unhelpful remarks like" Can't you shut that dog up?

  • Your dog barks on walks when you encounter another dog, person, moving vehicle, skateboards, bicycles, etc.

  • You can't take your dog to the vet or the groomer without your dog causing a scene and embarrassing you

  • When your dog is causing a scene in public you just want to crawl in a hole to avoid those stares and unhelpful remarks like "You need to learn how to control that dog."

  • Not only is your dog a barker, but if the person or other dog gets too close they may start snapping and lunging.


Your's Today For Just $97/mo

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You've got Questions

We've got answers!

When does the program start?

Immediately upon enrollment you will be sent login instructions via email. Weekly live calls are on Tuesday evenings @ 5pm PST/6pm MST/7pm CST/8pm EST. All LIVES are recorded and posted in the community within 48 hours.

How do I access the program?

You will receive login instructions for the community and reminders for the LIVES via email.

What support do I get while going through the program?

We have weekly LIVE sessions on Zoom with Linda & Amy. You have 24/7 access to the community. You can always email us.

How long do I have access to the program?

As long as you remain a member. Except the bonuses include lifetime access.

What is your return policy?

This is a subscription so there are no returns. If you decide to cancel you will have access until your next billing. Recurring billing is automatic so please give us at least 3 days notice when you decide to cancel.

Have a question that wasn't answered above?

Send an email to Someone will get back to you within 24-48 hours.

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Reactive to Relaxed Pup Membership

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24/7 Community Access - $997 Value

Monthly Guest Experts - $1,500 Value

Rambunctious to Well-Mannered Course - $197 Value

Stop Barking Blueprint - $97 Value

Chaos to Calm Mini Course - $67 Value


Your's Today For Just $97/month

Meet Amy & Linda

Amy & Linda both own dog training businesses separately. Linda on the West Coast in Southern California and Amy on the East Coast in West Central Florida. Their mutual passion for changing the way we interact with our dogs from harsh, dominating and demanding into positive, compassionate and empathetic, brought them together. Now they have combined their talents and experiences to create a monthly membership dedicated to that purpose. The membership is designed to help those of you with reactive or rambunctious dogs, learn the concepts, strategies and techniques that are not only more positive and kinder than what we learned in the past, but they work better, are easier to implement and have long lasting results.

What more could you ask for?

How about 24/7 community for the opportunity to connect with other pet parents going through similar struggles as you. Weekly LIVE instruction and support from two trainers who not only live with reactive dogs themselves, but have helped thousands of other dogs and their people learn these concepts, strategies and tools, enabling them to have the life with their dogs they have always dreamed of. Plus monthly guests with their own expertise and strategies on topics that will help members even more, like separation anxiety, resource guarding, enrichment and more.

More Insights from Current Members...

"Moving far enough away from Charlotte's triggers make so much difference in how much less she reacts."

Deb, Hannah & Rachel

Owned by Charlotte & Elle

"I never realized that Oliver's yawning meant he was uncomfortable. Body language signals can tell us so much more than I ever knew."


Owned by Poppy, Oliver & Winston

You've Got Options To Help You Get Started Today

Choose which plan works best for you, so you can get your life back starting today!




  • 12 months for the price of 10 months

  • 2 months FREE


Pay Monthly


  • No long term commitment

  • Cancel whenever you like

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